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Individuals and famileis have a vested interest in receiving well-balanced, up-to-date vaccine information from their healthcare professionals. This is particularly important to everyone who wants to take a well informed decision on getting vaccinated, but especially for parents and caretakers who wish to see their children or loved ones safe and protected from vaccine preventable diseases.  

We know that individuals and their families are the most important advocates of vaccination. 

​Are you a citizend e ciding on vaccinations or a parent or caretaker decising on behalf of a child or loved one?  SEKI plans to engage you in the creation of the SEKI educational program.  

We would like to know how you communicate about vaccines with your own healthcare providers or those of your children and loved ones.   

We want you to tell us where your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist could have done better, where you see difficulties in accessing vaccines and vaccine-related information, where you sense gaps in your providers’ knowledge, and how you believe your experience surrounding vaccination can be improved. 

Please contact us using this online contact form below to provide us with your valued feedback. 

if you’re interested in improving vaccine education for current and future healthcare providers. 


Note that we regularly work with patient and citizen advocacy groups to improve SEKI training content and design. Our partners include  the European Parents’ Association (EPA), Families Fighting Flu (FFF), Make Mothers Matter (MMM), Active Citizens Network (ACN)  and Think Young, who all will be able to provide important user perspectives.  

For example, we designed a joint initiative to improve physician awareness of your subjective experience of COVID and flu-like symptoms. And how much they matter to you. 

For more information, check out the SymptomSurvey. Fill out the survey today if you would like to participate. 

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